Screen & Headlight

Screen & Headlight

There is a reason why we sell more replacement screens in the uk than anyone else. All Skidmarx screens are manufactured to the highest standards. We take flat sheets of acrylic, and using our blowing and forming techniques combined with our 25 years of experience, produce a range of over 2000 different models of road and race screens.

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  • Standard Screens

    Manufactured to directly replace your original screen and are available in 13 different colours. Our screens are all pre-drilled and will fit using all your original fixings. A stylish addition to any motorcycle.

  • Flip-up/Tall Screens

    Designed to be taller than the original screen and re-direct the air flow higher over the bike. These are ideal for sports or touring use and will fit onto the original fixing points. All flip-up screens are available in the 13 different colours. Flip up screens are always longer but some don’t have the top turned over.

  • Double Bubble Screens

    These have been developed in conjunction with teams such as BSB Champions Airwaves Yamaha and PBM Kawasaki, where a taller screen was requested for the race track. We were looking to enhance the aerodynamics of the bike and increase the air pocket behind the screen, as well as giving the rider greater protection at high speed (not over 70 mph of course). Our double bubbles are once again pre-drilled and made to fit directly back onto the original mountings and are available in the 13 colours. "Double bubble screens are as valid as performance parts as every race pipe or rear shock. They work." (Performance Bikes magazine)

  • Headlight Covers
    Designed to add style to your bike as well as protecting your expensive headlight unit from stone chips, etc. These are easily fitted by 3M™ Dual Lock™ fixing pads (which are supplied) and can be manufactured in all 13 colours. Disclaimer: A clear headlight cover is the only finish that is legal to use on the road. All other finishes are illegal and for show purposes or off road use only.
  • Fly Screens
  • Raptor Screen
    This very special bike deserves a special screen. We’ve designed and manufactured a screen, which bolts directly onto the intake horns and is available in two sizes. Standard at 45cm, and a taller version at 55cm. Both are supplied with all required fixings. However drilling of the intake horns is required to fit. Both sizes are available only in dark grey/black tint.
  • Custom Cruiser Screen...

    This range of screens has been specially designed to suit the new breed of custom bikes and will suit most models. They are available in a range of different sizes and shapes, in clear or light grey tint and are manufactured in 4mm thick acrylic. All screen strips and fitting kits are manufactured in top quality stainless steel. Our model range is constantly growing so if your bike is not listed, please call our sales team and they will advise you if your model is available.

  • Aerofoils

    Aerodynamic fill in panels to help eliminate turbulence.

Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items
Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items