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  • Replacement Front...

    Designed to be a direct replacement for the original at a fraction of the original cost. Alternatively, we can also supply most of our front guard range in ‘True’ carbon fibre for the ultimate look in front guards. Please note, that in some cases style may vary slightly from the original due to manufacturing procedures. Our GRP Front Guards are supplied in a gloss finish c/w the mounting holes pre drilled for any easy fit. The colours listed are not sold as an exact colour match.

  • Extenda Fendas

    Designed to extend the rear section of the front mudguard in order to improve protection for the front of the engine, radiator and exhaust areas. All come supplied with adhesive gasket strip, screw fittings. Ready to fit.

  • Rear Huggers

    These are a styling accessory with a practical side. Our rear huggers are styled to enhance the look of your bike whilst offering under-body, shock and linkage protection. They are available in GRP (Glass Reinforced Plastic) in 7 colours. However for the ultimate hugger, why not go for the true Carbon Fibre option. "Skidmarx carbon fibre hugger fits like a glove, and looks the dog's danglies" – Richard Newland, Fast Bikes. Our GPR Rear Huggers are supplied in a gloss finish c/w all fixings, bolts and instructions and can be fitted without any modifications to the swing arm. The colours listed are not sold as an exact colour match.

  • Handguards

    Rugged Handguards to offer great protection on Road and Adventure Bikes.