To make replacement bodywork this good takes skill and experience. With over 15 production staff in our Weymouth factory, you can be certain the skills required in acrylic, glass fibre and carbon fibre production are here in abundance. Each product is finished by hand and this attention to detail and quality separates us from the competition. All this means we’re number one in after market bodywork and screens.

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  • Road Replacement Bodywork

    All our road replacement bodywork panels are manufactured in 2 layers of 450csm matt using our own in house wet lay-up system and are designed to directly replace original panels. We endeavour to supply these fairings in the same component parts as the originals, but occasionally we need to alter the panel configuration due to manufacturing processes.

    These fairings are produced with all internal fixings for headlights, indicators, etc. and all vents are trimmed and the mounting holes are pre-drilled, although these may need to be opened out if original fixings are being used. As all these body panels are handmade there is a degree of fitting required by the purchaser and each panel should be fitted correctly prior to any paintwork being undertaken. (We cannot take responsibility for any panel that has been painted prior to fitting taking place).

    These coloured panels are not supplied as colour matched panels, but offer a cost effective alternative to painted panels (if you wish to colour match, these panels need flatting and polishing prior to colour matching in the normal way and then fitted).

  • Race & Track Day Bodywork
    Our range of race bodywork is manufactured in lightweight 450csm backed up with woven cloth. These differ to road fairings in that they have no headlight aperture, or headlight and indicator mounting points. Many of the newer models have enclosed belly pan catch trays to comply with A.C.U. rules. Race fairings only available in white.