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APRIL 2018

Skidmarx flip the Africa Twin

Skidmarx, have introduced a Flip-up/Tall Screen for Honda’s CRF1000 Africa Twin, to help maximise the adventure bike's touring and overlanding potential, for minimal outlay. 

An essential addition to any adventure tourer, a tall screen helps improve comfort and reduce fatigue from buffeting on longer rides. Made in the UK from 4mm cast acrylic, so it won't flex in the wind, it's 10 cm (4 inches) taller than the original screen, with a ‘flip-up’ edge that redirects air flow away from the rider’s chest and head - reducing pressure and wind noise. Like all Skidmarx screens, it’s designed to fit directly onto the original mountings, for a straightforward job - no drilling or cutting, and no fiddly brackets or fixing kits. 

The Flip-up/Tall Screen is available in clear, light and dark tints.

CRF1000 Tall Screen

MARCH 2018

New phosphorous yellow crash sliders

RDMOTO crash protectors and frame sliders are now available with eye-catching phosphorous yellow covers. The Czech manufacturer has been producing crash protectors since 2001 and offers several different designs, all made from tough and durable abrasion-resistant polyamide. The covers are manufactured from anodised aluminium and are available to fit the ‘mushroom’ shaped PHV1 frame protectors and the PHV2 model for the front axle. The SL01 frame sliders also come in yellow now - they offer a large sliding surface (compared to traditional ‘mushroom’ protectors) and the angle of the protector can be adjusted to suit the bike's profile. Supplied complete with fitting kit and instructions, prices vary according to the make and model of motorcycle. PHV1 protectors for the 2017 Suzuki GSX-R1000 retail for £84.95; matching PV1 front axle sliders cost £44.95 including VAT and SL01 sliders are £109.95. Other colours in the range are red, blue, orange, green and silver.



RDMOTO protect the MT-07

Light, easy to fit and unobtrusive, RDMOTO's range of crash protection for the Yamaha MT-07 is a cost-effective way of guarding against the damage and expense caused by dropping the bike - whether on road, on track or at the kerbside! PH01 Protectors are the classic ‘mushroom' shape and are made from hard-wearing black or white polyamide with a steel insert, to increase strength. They measure 50 x 60mm, attach to existing points on the MT-07 and come complete with fitting kit. PHV1 Protectors are similar, but come with an anodized cap that’s available in a choice of seven different colours. SL01 Crash Sliders feature a larger sliding surface – 119 x 72mm – for added protection during a slide or drop. They're also made from polyamide, can be adjusted to suit the bike's profile and come with a choice of seven anodized inserts and a fitting kit. Alternatively, SLD Diamond Sliders are made from POM-C, a strong and rigid resin, which offers very low friction during a slide. They can be rotated to follow the bike's lines. Matching Front and Rear Axle Protectors are available too – protecting the vulnerable axle ends and rear swingarm. They're manufactured from polyamide, measure 40 x 50mm Alternatively MT-07 owners can opt for the more traditional Crash Frame, which shields the MT's lower and upper engine casings. Made from high quality tubular steel, the bars are powder coated in black. They can be used in conjunction with the PH01 ‘mushroom’ protectors for additional peace of mind. Special edition yellow versions can be fitted with SLD protectors.



Race hugger for ZX-10R

New from Skidmarx, 'Race' and 'Road' rear huggers for the latest Kawasaki ZX-10R fitted with an aftermarket FTR swingarm. Developed for the Gearlink Kawasaki BSB team, the Race version is designed to be as compact, lightweight an unobtrusive as possible, yet still shield the rear suspension unit and linkage from dust, dirt and rubber from the rear tyre. As the name suggests, the 'Road' version is designed for road-going ZX10Rs fitted with the FTR swingarm. It's also incredibly lightweight and compact, but is made longer to offer protection to the Kawasaki's undercarriage as well as the monoshock and linkage. Made in the UK from lightweight GRP glass fibre in a high quality gloss finish, each hugger mounts using the original fixings on the the FTR swingarm without further fiddly modification. For riders who want to keep weight to an absolute minimum, carbon fibre versions of both are also available, weighing approximately 33% less than the GRP models.



X-tra protection for Honda NC750

Skidmarx' new Tall and Wide Screen helps make motorway miles much more manageable on board Honda's NC750XSignificantly taller and wider than the NC's original screen – it measures 50cm high and is 8cm wider – and with a 'flip-up' profile at the top, it helps deflect wind and weather away from the rider's upper body and head, shielding them from wind and weather. Like all Skidmarx screens, it is manufactured in the UK from light and durable 3mm cast acrylic, and comes pre-drilled and prepared to fit directly onto the NC's original mountings – no drilling, cutting or fiddly brackets required. A quick and cost-effective way to improve the long-distance capability of Honda's NC750X, the Tall and Wide Screen comes in Clear and Light or Dark Grey tint options, each priced £69.95 (including VAT). It will fit all 2016-18 models of the NC750X. Matching headlight covers are also available for the NC750X. Fitted using 3M Dual Lock fixing pads that are included in the kit, they are produced in clear acrylic (the only option it is legal to use on the road) for £19.95. Other tints and colours are available on request.


December 2017

RDMOTO protection for GSX-R1000 L7

RDMOTO has introduced a range of crash protectors and frame sliders to fit the 2017 Suzuki GSX-R1000, as well as performance brake and clutch levers. The Czech manufacturer started producing crash protectors in 2001 and now offers several different designs, covering hundreds of models of motorcycle, in addition to levers, crash frames and paddock stands. The PH01 are classic ‘mushroom’ shaped crash protectors, made from black or white polyamide. Measuring 50mm wide and 60mm long, each one contains an internal steel insert, to increase its strength and allow the use of shorter screws during assembly. For riders looking to add a splash of colour, the PHV1 protectors are similar, but come with an anodized cap, available in a choice of seven different colours. RDMOTO also produce crash sliders. The SL01 is highly effective, thanks to the large sliding surface (compared to traditional ‘mushroom’ protectors). Made from black or white polyamide, it is 119mm long and 72mm high and the angle of the protector can be adjusted to suit the bike's profile. Supplied with fitting kit, with a choice of seven anodized inserts. Alternatively, the SLD Diamond Sliders are made from POM-C, a highly crystalline resin that is strong and rigid, with a low coefficient of friction. Milled on 5-axis CNC machines, they are fitted to the motorcycle with duralumin adapters,and can be rotated to follow its lines. Matching front axle protectors, made from black polyamide with an anodized aluminium cap, are available in seven colours. The length of the protector is 25mm and its width is 49mm. Completing the package are fully adjustable brake and clutch levers. Produced from duralumin T 70-75 and milled on modern CNC machines, they come in 'Short' (136mm) and 'Standard' (170mm) sizes and a stainless steel box is inserted in the lever adjustment mechanism, to increase its durability. Available in a choice of seven colours, the anodized surface is protected by a special UV-resistant varnish. 

RDMOTO Accessories

October 2017

Hugger Honda NC750X

New from Skidmarx, a rear hugger for Honda's updated NC750X adventure bike (2016-on). 

Designed and manufactured in the UK from GRP glass fibre in a high quality gloss black finish, the hugger includes an integral chain guard and shields the rear monoshock and undercarriage from dirt and grime thrown up by the 17" rear wheel. Supplied with a tailored fitting kit and clear instructions, the hugger is straightforward to fit, requiring no specialist tools or training.


August 2017

Road and race screens for GSX-R1000 L7

Skidmarx now offer double bubble screens for Suzuki's new 200hp GSX-R1000 superbike in both road and race specifications. Initially developed for use at the 2017 Isle of Man TT, the race screen is made in the UK from 2 mm cast acrylic, which is 33% thinner than the material used for road screens, saving weight and giving improved optical clarity. The extra 'bubble' creates an air pocket behind the screen, so the rider doesn't need to crouch so far down to escape the wind blast at speed. Available in clear only. A standard size race screen is also available, and Skidmarx even offer a TT Tall screen, with an even larger 'bubble'. Based on the race-proven design, Skidmarx double bubble road screens are produced in their UK factory from tough 3 mm cast acrylic. They are supplied pre-drilled and ready to bolt directly onto the fairing, using the original fixings. Available in a choice of clear, light and dark grey tints. Replacement standard screens are also produced in a choice of clear and tints; and the TT Tall screen too.


July 2017

Hugger for Kawasaki Z300

British bodywork specialists Skidmarx have introduced a rear hugger to shield the rear of Kawasaki's supernaked Z300. Made in the UK from GRP glass fibre in a high quality gloss black finish, it fits neatly to existing mounting points on the swing arm, protecting the rear shock absorber and suspension linkage from grit and grime thrown up by the back tyre. Supplied with a tailor-made fitting kit, the Z300 is simple to install. GRP huggers are also produced in a choice of white, red, blue, lime green, racing green and yellow gelcoat finishes on request. For riders who want to keep weight to an absolute minimum, a carbon fibre version is also available. Weighing approximately 33% less than the GRP version. 


June 2017

New Race screens from Skidmarx

Skidmarx has expanded it's range of race screens to cover some of the most popular bikes on track, including the BMW S1000RR (2015-on), Kawasaki ZX-10R (2016-on) and all-new GSX-R1000. Skidmarx has a long racing pedigree and currently supplies the BSB Championship leading JG Speedfit team, as well as top road racers, such as James Hillier. Racing screens are manufactured in the UK from 2 mm cast acrylic, which is 33% thinner than screens for road use. This is partly to save weight but also because it offers better optical clarity, which is important for riders who spend most of a race tucked in behind the screen. Race screens can be supplied pre-drilled with 6 mm diameter holes, so they can be fitted to standard fairings using race fixings, or un-drilled, so that owners can customise them to fit race fairings. Available in standard (super stock), double bubble and TT Tall sizes, Skidmarx can even offer a made-to-measure service for riders with specific requirements. Classic racers are also catered for – Skidmarx manufacturer blown screens, which were common in the 1970s and 1980s, using 3mm cast acrylic.