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May 2021 - Skidmarx tank top for ZX-10R

Tried and tested by James Hillier on road and track, Skidmarx extended tank covers are now available for the Kawasaki ZX-10R, suitable for models from 2016 to the present day. Made in the UK from GRP fibreglass, the cover fits neatly over the fuel tank, without modification, and gives riders extra grip with their knees, enhancing control and reducing stress under heavy braking. It also provides a layer of protection against bumps, scrapes and scuffs experienced during track time (and regular road use too).Two versions are available - standard GRP fibreglass and woven fibreglass with Kevlar reinforced mounts, which is a lighter stronger option. ZX-10R tank covers come in white as standard, ready to paint if required, Skidmarx also offer a colour-match paint servicefor an additional charge.

ZX-10R extended tank cover

April 2021 - Taller screens and hugger for Tracer 700

Skidmarx have developed taller screens and a hugger for Yamaha's popular Tracer 700 (2020-on). 

Made in the UK from 4mm cast acrylic, so they won't flex in the wind, there are three screens to choose from; standard, which is a direct replacement for the factory-fitted item, Taller/Wider, (which is 110 mm higher and 45 mm wider than standard) and Super Tall & Wide, which is 150 mm higher and 115 mm wider.

Like all Skidmarx screens, they are designed to fit directly onto the original mountings, for a straightforward job, and are available in clear, light and dark tints.

Standard Screen Taller/Wider Screen Super Tall and Wide Screen

Designed and manufactured in the UK, Skidmarx huggers include an integral chain guard, and shield the rear monoshock and undercarriage from dirt and grime thrown up from the road. There are three options - GRP glass fibre, in a high quality gloss black finish, lightweight carbon fibre and super strong forged carbon fibre.

Huggers come with a tailored fitting kit and clear instructions, for DIY fit at home.

March 2021 - New race bodywork for Ducati 998

Skidmarx now offer a race fairing and seat unit for the Ducati 998. Tailored to fit perfectly, both the fairing panels and seat unit are made in the UK using high grade fibreglass, with carbon/Kevlar cloth-reinforced mounting points for durability. The seat unit  fits over the factory-fitted seat, which provides the necessary support for the rider.The fairing is supplied in four separate sections: top, two side panels and the belly pan - which  incorporates a filled-in oil catch tray, as required in many race regulations. Each section comes with pre-drilled holes and Dzus Fasteners, ready for assembly. Both fairing and Seat are also designed to be straightforward to fit; simply offer each section up to the bike, drill over the existing mount points and secure using the original fixings. Matching Skidmarx race screens - in Standard, Corse, Double Bubble, and Two-Piece TT Tall versions - are produced for the 998.  Screens are made from 2mm cast acrylic - which is 33% thinner than those for road use - offering a weight saving and giving better optical clarity, when tucked-in behind the screen. 
Ducati 998 Fairing Ducati 998 seat unit Ducati 998 Race Screens

February 2021 - Skidmarx extended tank covers

Based on a design used in MotoGP, Skidmarx extended tank covers give riders extra grip with their knees, enhancing control and reducing stress under heavy braking. Made in the UK from fibgreglass, the latest addition to the range fits the Suzuki GSX-R1000R (2017- on) and was developed with input from road-racer Forest Dunn, who competes at the Isle of Man TT races as well as in the National British Superstock 1000 Championship.. Designed to fit neatly over the fuel tank, without modification, the Skidmarx covers also provide a layer of protection against scrapes and scuffs caused during track time and are proving equally popular with riders of road bikes too.Two versions are available; one to fit with the standard seat unit and another designed to sit neatly with the skidmarx race seat. 
GSX-R1000R Extended Tank Cover

November 5th 2020 - we're open!

The Government is encouraging factories to keep working during Lockdown (5 Nov-2 Dec) and we're doing our bit to keep the economy moving (in a socially-distanced way). You can order screens, huggers and fairings online for delivery and you can contact us by 'phone or email (but please don't visit the factory - we aren't open to the public).

October 2020 - New forged carbon composite bodywork

British  manufacturer Skidmarx is pioneering the use of forged carbon composite for motorcycle bodywork in the UK. 
Until now, most carbon fibre body panels have been made by laying up sheets of woven carbon in a mould and infusing them with resin.  Originally developed by Lamborghini and Callaway Golf Company, forged carbon composite parts are produced using a 'paste' of chopped fibres that are mixed with resin and then pressed into various forms. This gives it the distinctive 'marbled' appearance, unlike the uniform check pattern of regular carbon fibre.

Although not significantly lighter than traditional bodywork, forged carbon is up to five times stronger and has greater impact resistance, because the fibres are multi-directional. Skidmarx is the first company to provide forged carbon as an option for parts in the UK, all of which are made to order in their Weymouth factory, using bike-specific moulds.

Track bodywork kits, including fairing, tank cover and seat unit, are being developed and should be available ready for the 2021 season.


September 2020 - Racy body for GSX-R1000R L7

Riders taking their GSX-R1000R on track, can now kit out their bike with full race bodywork, thanks to Race Products. 

Tailored to fit the L7 2017-on models perfectly, the Race Products kit is made in the UK using high grade fibreglass, It features mounting points reinforced with carbon Kevlar cloth and the seat unit also has a built-in support for extra rigidity.  The fairing comes in four separate sections, top, two side panels and belly pan. and is supplied with pre-drilled holes and Dzus Fasteners, ready for assembly. To attach to the bike, simply offer up each section, drill over the existing mount points and secure using the original bodywork fixings. The seat unit and front mudguard are both pre-drilled for the existing mounts, so can be fitted without drilling. The kit consists of full race fairing, seat unit, front guard and screen, and is available in white as standard or black double-gelcoat. As you’d expect, both meet current UK racing regulations.  All components are available to buy separately and a fibreglassn cover is also available for riders running a stock fuel tank.

August 2020 - Skidmarx go higher on the Himalayan

New from Skidmarx, the Himalayan Tall screen provides extra protection from wind and rain for riders of Royal Enfield's popular adventure sport bike. Manufactured in the UK, the screen is 80mm taller than standard and is made from 4mm cast acrylic, which gives it extra rigidity. However, it is actually 10mm narrower than the original, to allow the handlebars to be turned to full lock with the optional factory handguards fitted. Skidmarx design their road bike screens to fit directly onto existing mounting points, using original fasteners, so it's simply a matter of removing the factory-fitted screen and replacing it with the new one. Himalayan Tall screens are available in clear and light or dark tints, selling for £69.95 including VAT.

April 2020 - Race screens for latest superbikes

Skidmarx have added race screens for the latest generation Ducati Panigale V4, Yamaha R1 and BMW S1000 RR to their range.

Based on screens used by 2019 BSB Champ Scott Redding and road racing superstar James Hillier at the TT and NW200, Skidmarx racing screens are manufactured in the UK from 2mm cast acrylic, which is 33% lighter than the material used for road bikes. The thinner design not only saves weight but also offers better optical clarity than road-going screens - crucial for short circuit and road racing, where riders spend a large proportion of every lap tucked in behind the screen. Skidmarx Race Screens are available in Standard (superstock), Double Bubble/Tall and 2-Piece TT Tall versions. Skidmarx also offer a made-to-measure service for riders with specific requirements. Screens can be supplied pre-drilled with 6mm diameter holes, so they can be fitted to standard fairings using race fixings, or undrilled to allow custom fitting to race fairings. The three new versions fit the 2018-on Ducati Panigale V4 and V4 S, Yamaha R1 2020 models, and 2019-on versions of BMW’s S1000 RR. Screens are also available for older models.

February 2020 - Big screen adventure for R 1250 GS

Skidmarx have introduced a selection of taller and wider screens for BMW's best-selling R 1250 GS adventure sport bike. Made in the British motorcycle bodywork specialists' Weymouth factory, using 4mm cast acrylic, the tall screen (pictured above) measures 43cm high by 41cm wide, which is 5cm (2 inches) taller than the factory-fitted screen. For riders seeing maximum coverage, the Tall & Wide screen (below) is 48cm by 44cm, adding 10cm (4 inches) to the height and 3cm (1.2") to its width. Like all Skidmarx screens, they fit directly onto the original mountings, for a straightforward job - no drilling or cutting, and no fiddly brackets or fixing kits. Available in clear, light and dark tints, there is also a standard size version. The R 1250 GS screens can be fitted to the R 1200 GS (2013 on) as well as the 1250 model.
R1250GS Tall Screen R1250GS Tall and Wide Screen R1250GS Standard Screen

December 2019 - Tall & Wide Screen for Tenere 700

Skidmarx have developed a Tall & Wide Screen for Yamaha’s new Tenere 700 adventure sport bike. Made in the UK from 4mm cast acrylic, so it won't flex in the wind, it measures 35cm tall by 35cm wide, providing more than double the coverage of the factory-fitted screen. Like all Skidmarx screens, it’s designed to fit directly onto the original mountings, for a straightforward job - no drilling or cutting, and no fiddly brackets or fixing kits. Available in clear, light and dark tints.

TENERE TALL SCREEN Aerofoil Winglets


Race Products – one of the UK's longest-established motorcycle race bodywork producers – has been given a new lease of life by Skidmarx. Founded in the 1970s, Race Products specialise in grp (fibreglass), supplying club racers, track day enthusiasts and even world championship winning teams with race bodywork, including fairings, seat units and mudguards. The company's future is now secure, following a buy-out by Skidmarx, who have moved production to their factory in Weymouth.

“We're already well known in the paddock for our race screens” says Skidmarx director Matthew Dench (pictured left). “Adding bodywork to our range makes perfect sense, because now we can offer customers a complete service and we have complete control over quality, start to finish.”

Co-director Ian Merrill (pictured right) adds; “Our priority is to get get production of current lines up and running. As we move into next year we'll be looking to start work developing bodywork for popular models, and we'd be interested to hear suggestions from anyone.”

The current range covers most popular track bikes, from the Aprilia RS125 to the Yamaha R1, including 'modern classics' like the Honda NC30 and Suzuki RGV250.