Latest News from Skidmarx

December 2018

Skidmarx have introduced a sports fly screen and larger touring screen for the Yamaha MT-10. A popular addition to naked bikes, the Sport Fly Screen is specially shaped to deflect wind and weather away from the rider. Compact - at just 330 x 330 mm - it is designed to blend in with the MT’s aggressive, streetfighter styling. The Tall and Wide touring screen measures 440 by 390 mm, shielding the rider from the elements for a more relaxing ride over long distances. Both screens are made in the UK from 4 mm cast acrylic, come in a choice of Clear, Light Grey and Dark Grey tints and attach to existing mounting points above the headlights for a quick and fuss-free fit. 


November 2018

Tall & Sporty Screens for Gold Wing

British motorcycle bodywork specialists, Skidmarx, now offer four sizes of screen for Honda’s current GL1800 Gold Wing. Designed to reduce the buffeting and wind-noise some riders experience on the 'Wing, the Tall Screen measures 620 mm by 510 mm wide, (compared to the standard dimensions of 530 mm x 480 mm); there is also a 'super size' version, with an even larger surface area of 690 mm by 540 mm. At the opposite end of the spectrum, the shorter Spots screen is just 360 mm high, and, completing the range, is a replacement Standard screen. All options are made in the UK from 4 mm cast acrylic, so won't flex in the wind, and are available in a choice of clear, light or dark tints, to fit the 2018-model Honda GL1800. Like all Skidmarx screens, they’re designed to fit directly onto the original mountings - no drilling or cutting, and no fiddly brackets or fixing kits.

GL1800 Tall and Wide Screen GL1800 Tall Screen GL1800 Std Screen GL1800 Short Sport Screen

September 2018

Skidmarx Bubbles for Ninjas

New from Skidmarx, a double bubble screen for the 2018 Ninja 400 from Kawasaki. Based on the race-proven screens that Skidmarx supply to Gearlink Kawasaki, who compete in the British Supersport championship, the double bubble creates an air pocket to give the rider greater protection at high speeds. They are a popular addition on road-going sports bikes, because they provide more protection from wind buffeting and weather, without spoiling the sporty lines of the motorcycle. Manufactured in the UK from tough 3mm cast acrylic, Skidmarx double bubble screens are a direct replacement for the factory-fitted items and come in a choice of clear, light and dark grey tints. Replacement standard screens are also available, in a choice of clear and tints.


June 2018

Delta 4 Zed

Skidmarx now offer their Delta fly screen to fit Kawasaki's retro roadster, the Z900RS. Fly screens are a popular addition to naked bikes, providing protection from wind blast and rain, making longer journeys and high speed touring easier on the rider. Manufactured in the UK from 3mm cast acrylic, the screen measures 265mm tall by 235mm wide. It is supplied with stainless steel fittings that are designed to attach to exisiting mounting points around the headlight. Delta Fly Screens are available in a choice of clear, light or dark tints. Owners looking for more colourful options can order the Delta screen in .fluo green, dark green, bright blue, race violet, red, amber, bright yellow or black. 




May 2018

Three screens for BMW twins

Skidmarx now offer three screen options for the latest generation BMW F 800 R - shielding riders of the naked roadster from wind and weather. The F 800 R comes with just a tiny cowl covering the dashboard as standard, offering almost no protection to the rider. Pre-drilled and ready to fit directly onto the 800 R's original mountings, all three Skidmarx screens offer a quick and cost-effective way to improve long-distance and high speed capability and comfort. The Sports Fly Screen measures 32cm tall, enough to keep pressure off the torso when riding at speed - reducing fatigue and making faster stretches much more tolerable. Offering even more protection, the Tall Fly Screen measures 37cm and is specially shaped to deflect wind above and to the sides of the front end - ideal for taller riders and those who prefer an upright riding position.For riders wishing to explore the F800’s long-distance potential, the Touring Fly Screen measures a generous 48cm tall and is also shaped to direct wind both over and around the rider, as well as creating a barrier against rain, road spray etc. All three screens are manufactured in the UK from light and durable 3mm cast acrylic, and are available in a choice of clear, light or dark tint finishes. They are designed to mount using existing fittings, so installation is straightforward and does not require specialist tools or skills. Owners could even swap between different versions depending on the season and conditions.


April 2018

Skidmarx flip the Africa Twin

Skidmarx, have introduced a Flip-up/Tall Screen for Honda’s CRF1000 Africa Twin, to help maximise the adventure bike's touring and overlanding potential, for minimal outlay. 

An essential addition to any adventure tourer, a tall screen helps improve comfort and reduce fatigue from buffeting on longer rides. Made in the UK from 4mm cast acrylic, so it won't flex in the wind, it's 10 cm (4 inches) taller than the original screen, with a ‘flip-up’ edge that redirects air flow away from the rider’s chest and head - reducing pressure and wind noise. Like all Skidmarx screens, it’s designed to fit directly onto the original mountings, for a straightforward job - no drilling or cutting, and no fiddly brackets or fixing kits. 

The Flip-up/Tall Screen is available in clear, light and dark tints.

CRF1000 Tall Screen


March 2018

New phosphorous yellow crash sliders

RDMOTO crash protectors and frame sliders are now available with eye-catching phosphorous yellow covers. The Czech manufacturer has been producing crash protectors since 2001 and offers several different designs, all made from tough and durable abrasion-resistant polyamide. The covers are manufactured from anodised aluminium and are available to fit the ‘mushroom’ shaped PHV1 frame protectors and the PHV2 model for the front axle. The SL01 frame sliders also come in yellow now - they offer a large sliding surface (compared to traditional ‘mushroom’ protectors) and the angle of the protector can be adjusted to suit the bike's profile. Supplied complete with fitting kit and instructions, prices vary according to the make and model of motorcycle. PHV1 protectors for the 2017 Suzuki GSX-R1000 retail for £84.95; matching PV1 front axle sliders cost £44.95 including VAT and SL01 sliders are £109.95. Other colours in the range are red, blue, orange, green and silver.


February 2018

RDMOTO protect the MT-07

Light, easy to fit and unobtrusive, RDMOTO's range of crash protection for the Yamaha MT-07 is a cost-effective way of guarding against the damage and expense caused by dropping the bike - whether on road, on track or at the kerbside! PH01 Protectors are the classic ‘mushroom' shape and are made from hard-wearing black or white polyamide with a steel insert, to increase strength. They measure 50 x 60mm, attach to existing points on the MT-07 and come complete with fitting kit. PHV1 Protectors are similar, but come with an anodized cap that’s available in a choice of seven different colours. SL01 Crash Sliders feature a larger sliding surface – 119 x 72mm – for added protection during a slide or drop. They're also made from polyamide, can be adjusted to suit the bike's profile and come with a choice of seven anodized inserts and a fitting kit. Alternatively, SLD Diamond Sliders are made from POM-C, a strong and rigid resin, which offers very low friction during a slide. They can be rotated to follow the bike's lines. Matching Front and Rear Axle Protectors are available too – protecting the vulnerable axle ends and rear swingarm. They're manufactured from polyamide, measure 40 x 50mm Alternatively MT-07 owners can opt for the more traditional Crash Frame, which shields the MT's lower and upper engine casings. Made from high quality tubular steel, the bars are powder coated in black. They can be used in conjunction with the PH01 ‘mushroom’ protectors for additional peace of mind. Special edition yellow versions can be fitted with SLD protectors.


February 2018

Race hugger for ZX-10R

New from Skidmarx, 'Race' and 'Road' rear huggers for the latest Kawasaki ZX-10R fitted with an aftermarket FTR swingarm. Developed for the Gearlink Kawasaki BSB team, the Race version is designed to be as compact, lightweight an unobtrusive as possible, yet still shield the rear suspension unit and linkage from dust, dirt and rubber from the rear tyre. As the name suggests, the 'Road' version is designed for road-going ZX10Rs fitted with the FTR swingarm. It's also incredibly lightweight and compact, but is made longer to offer protection to the Kawasaki's undercarriage as well as the monoshock and linkage. Made in the UK from lightweight GRP glass fibre in a high quality gloss finish, each hugger mounts using the original fixings on the the FTR swingarm without further fiddly modification. For riders who want to keep weight to an absolute minimum, carbon fibre versions of both are also available, weighing approximately 33% less than the GRP models.


January 2018

X-tra protection for Honda NC750

Skidmarx' new Tall and Wide Screen helps make motorway miles much more manageable on board Honda's NC750XSignificantly taller and wider than the NC's original screen – it measures 50cm high and is 8cm wider – and with a 'flip-up' profile at the top, it helps deflect wind and weather away from the rider's upper body and head, shielding them from wind and weather. Like all Skidmarx screens, it is manufactured in the UK from light and durable 3mm cast acrylic, and comes pre-drilled and prepared to fit directly onto the NC's original mountings – no drilling, cutting or fiddly brackets required. A quick and cost-effective way to improve the long-distance capability of Honda's NC750X, the Tall and Wide Screen comes in Clear and Light or Dark Grey tint options, each priced £69.95 (including VAT). It will fit all 2016-18 models of the NC750X. Matching headlight covers are also available for the NC750X. Fitted using 3M Dual Lock fixing pads that are included in the kit, they are produced in clear acrylic (the only option it is legal to use on the road) for £19.95. Other tints and colours are available on request.