We pride ourselves on being able to offer you a full range of accessories for your bike.

From Crash Protectors and Sliders, through to Mounting Stands, Engine Covers and Levers. With a range of colour accessories also available.

Please contact us if you need any assistance and we will be happy to help.

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  • Crash Protectors

    We stock a wide range of crash protectors for your bike.

    Including Frame Crash Protectors (PH01, PHV1, PHV2), Front Wheel (PVN, PV1, PV2) and Rear Wheel Crash Protectors (PKN, PK1, PK2), plus Ahead Twister (PPH) and Engine Crash Protectors (PM).

  • Crash Sliders

    We stock both SL01 and SLD (Diamond) type Crash Sliders for the protection of your motorcycle. With a choice of 6 colour caps available for the SL01 Crash Sliders.

  • Mounting Stands

    We have a range of mounting stands to choose from for lifting your motorcycle. All stands have spares and adapters available, to suit your requirements.

  • Centre Stands

    Centre stands are available for a limited range of bikes.

  • Crash Frames

    Crash frames represent the best protection in case of a fall for motorcycles type Niked and Touring. Usually we supply them in black colour (specially heat-treated powder colour). Crash frames are made of tubes with different diameter, but we especially use 22mm and 25mm diameter tubes.

    The mounting kit which is part of the crash frame is already included in the pack and in the price. We offer crash frames for more than 30 types of motorcycles and we keep on complementing our range. Have a look in our application tables to find out if we have a crash frame for your motorcycle in the offer. If you cannot find it, do not despair and try to contact us, there is a possibility of custom manufacturing.

  • Engine Covers

    We have a range of Engine Covers specific for you bike, for that extra protection.

  • Heel Protectors

    Designed as direct copies of the original items.

    Manufactured in multi lay-up carbon fibre for maximum strength.

    Supplied ready to bolt on.

  • Yoke Protectors

    A range of yoke protectors manufactured in reversible 'true' carbon fibre and CNC machined for the perfect fit.

  • Clock Surrounds

    A range of clock surrounds manufactured in reversible 'true' carbon fibre and CNC machined for the perfect fit.

  • Fixings
  • Brake Levers

    Our fully adjustable brake levers are made from duralumin T 70-75 and milled on modern CNC machines. Available in 'Short' and 'Standard' sizes. A stainless steel box is inserted in the lever adjustment mechanism in order to increase its durability. They are made in seven colours. The anodized surface is protected by a special varnish against the UV radiation. Our levers are different from levers produced by other manufacturers because of their original design and manufacturing quality.